Where the hell have you been!?,” Bissinger mock-snapped. 

I thought this was for Friday Night Lights,” Chandler retorted, pretending to scrutinize the copy of Father’s Day in Bissinger’s hand. “What is this new book?”

Chandler then retreated to the back of the room, though Bissinger subsequently engaged him after using the world “sublimest.”

Is that a word?” he asked Chandler.

This is Texas, you can use it,” the actor replied. 

What do you know? You’re a coach.”

The still-nascent/rumored Friday Night Lights movie also came up, with Chandler saying only, “I don’t know,” when Bissinger asked what was going on with it.

Chandler then revealed he’d spoken to executive producer Peter Berg (who is also Bissinger’s cousin) “five minutes after I got off the phone with you” earlier that day - but went completely silent when someone in the audience shouted out, “what did he say?”